The National Center for University Entrance Examinations has announced that it has proposed a proposal for consideration in the reorganization of subjects for the Common Test for University Admissions from 2025, and is listening to opinions from university and high school officials.Newspapers and television reported that the proposal to add "information" to the subject was completed from 2025, and we would like to set a certain direction by the end of 2020.

 According to the National Center for University Entrance Examinations, detailed official information on the subjects to be asked from 2025 has not been released at this time, but it has been revealed that a proposal for consideration has been submitted as an intermediate stage after discussions with a wide range of experts.Currently, the policy is to provide this content to university and high school officials, listen to their opinions, and make necessary corrections based on the opinions received.

 Common Test for University Admissions The relationship with individual entrance exams at each university, the introduction of descriptive questions, and the evaluation of four English skills will be revised based on the results of a meeting of experts from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

 Regarding the subjects to be asked from 2025, it was reported that the media companies have put together a proposal to put "information" to learn about programming and information networks in the same subjects as Japanese language and mathematics.The content is to reorganize the current 6 subjects of 30 subjects into 7 subjects of 21 subjects, and the foreign language English does not introduce the speaking and writing test forms, and the direction is to continue the test in reading and listening.

reference:[National Center for University Entrance Examinations] Regarding the status of examination of subjects and subjects for the Common Test for University Admissions from the selection of university entrance exams for the XNUMXth year of Reiwa (PDF)

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