A study by a research group at Yamaguchi University and Okayama University revealed that the mortality rate from violence was extremely low at 1.8% during the Jomon period.Compared to other eras in other countries and Japan, it was less than one-fifth as low, and it was reconfirmed that a long and peaceful era continued.The research results were published in the English scientific journal "Biology Letters".

 According to Okayama University, the survey was conducted by Assistant Professor Hiroshi Nakao of the Faculty of International Studies, Yamaguchi University, and Professor Naoko Matsumoto of the Graduate School of Social and Cultural Sciences, Okayama University.

 The research group collected 1 points of injured human bone data from 242 locations nationwide for about 2,582 years, and calculated the mortality rate due to violence.Of these, 23 were found to have been injured, with an estimated mortality rate of 1.8% due to violence.In other eras of Japan such as the Yayoi period and in other countries, the mortality rate due to violence often reaches more than 10%, which is more than five times that of the Jomon period.The research group believes that the Jomon period had a uniquely long period of peace in the world.

 Human skeletons suggesting the genocide of hunter-gatherers have been unearthed in Europe, and the claim that "war is a human instinct" has been pervasive since prehistoric times.However, the research group believes that war is caused by other factors and cannot be generalized to humanity as a whole.

 Furthermore, in the future, through research in the Jomon period, it is necessary to proceed from the perspective of archeology and anthropology as to where to find the cause of the war.

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