Wow Corporation, which operates cram schools in 47 prefectures nationwide, will open a wide-area communication high school "Wow High School" in April 2021 (approval pending).

 Wow High School is a high school with a wide area communication system operated by Wow Mirai Gakuen.Unlike traditional correspondence high schools, we realize two-way learning and provide new learning with the aim of expanding the possibilities of the future by combining what students like and learning at high school. ..Our school is located in Okayama prefecture, but you can enroll from any area in Japan.All daily lessons are conducted online, and as a general rule, students go to Okayama Main School only when they are schooling twice a year.Since it is a high school stipulated in Article 2 of the School Education Law, you can obtain the same graduation qualifications as a full-time high school.

 The feature of learning is not one-way lessons, but the practice of online active learning in which students think independently and improve the quality of learning through dialogue between students.In addition to the usual basic subjects, "Liberal Arts Inquiry (Natural Science Inquiry, Economic Inquiry, Mathematical Science Inquiry, Philosophy Inquiry)" will be offered as original subjects.

 In addition, optional programs such as "Data Scientist Training" to train top AI human resources who have programming x business x mathematics, "Entrepreneur training" to train entrepreneurs who start new businesses, and "Support for studying abroad in high school / overseas university" ( Extracurricular activities) are also available.Since it is a credit system, students are free to decide when and which subject to take during the three years.

 Principal Yamamoto Shio said, "We will provide education to create a free future that suits each individual.To that end, we will work on two educational reforms.The content of learning called liberal arts and the learning method of online active learning.Education should change as society changes.At the same time, it may be a painful reform of change, breaking away from the old concept, even for individuals.Let's work with us to create the latest learning at the latest schools. "

 The selection method is only document selection consisting of entry sheet and survey form and interview test. In 2021, 150 students will be exempted from the entrance fee (100 students for A schedule, 50 students for B schedule), and 150 students + some students for general entrance exam (100 students for I period, 50 students for II period, some students for III period). Recruit.Applications for the Special Entrance Examination A schedule will be closed on December 12th, and an interview will be held from December 10th to 12th.The application for the special entrance examination B schedule is January 16-20, 2021.

 A free online open school by Zoom will be held from 12:19 to 13:18 on Saturday, December XNUMXth.Explain the program at Wow High School for junior high school students and their parents.Please refer to the homepage for application.

Reference: Wow High School

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