Tokyo Institute of Technology and Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. announced on April 2016, 4 that they have signed a partnership agreement on the "NRI / Tokyo Institute of Technology Cyber ​​Security Education and Research Co-creation Program".

 This agreement aims to promote research and education on "cyber security", joint research on defense technology against cyber security attacks, and the establishment of a "cyber security special specialized study program" at Tokyo Institute of Technology, and advanced cyber Work on training security personnel for two years from April 2016.

 In April 2015, Tokyo Institute of Technology established a "Cyber ​​Security Research Promotion Body" on campus to meet corporate needs as a parent body for promoting collaborative research between industry, academia and government in the field of information security. I was looking for.On the other hand, Nomura Research Institute has a company specializing in information security called "NRI Secure Technologies" in the group, and was looking for a research partner for defense technology amid the rapid increase in cyber attacks and their damage.

 In the joint research, we will analyze the attack method and proceed with technical research on tools, techniques, practical methods, etc. for defense from attacks.In addition, in human resources education, two cybersecurity special specialized studies programs are offered to students enrolled in master's programs, doctoral programs, or professional degree programs.The instructor will be an employee of the Nomura Research Institute Group.

 In addition, Tokyo Institute of Technology, with the cooperation of Rakuten, NTT, and the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, while focusing on cooperation with Nomura Research Institute, has established the "Cyber ​​Security Special Specialized Study Program" at the Faculty of Information Science and Technology, Tokyo Institute of Technology. Opened in April 2016, instructors will be dispatched from each company.

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