In a joint research between Hosei University Graduate School Nobutaka Ishiyama Laboratory and Parsol Research Institute Co., Ltd., a large-scale survey on work styles and employment consciousness for middle and senior employees aged 40 and over has been conducted and is active.・ We discovered five behavioral characteristics common to senior employees.

 Since 2016, Parsol Research Institute Co., Ltd. has launched the "Project for Exploring Breakthroughs from the Middle School" with industry-academia collaboration, with Professor Nobutaka Ishiyama of Hosei University Graduate School specializing in employment policy and human resources management as the project leader.We quantitatively investigate and analyze factors that influence the progress from the middle class, such as the working styles of middle-aged and senior citizens and the actual situation regarding employment awareness.

 As part of this survey, a large-scale quantitative survey using the Internet targeting 4,700 middle and senior employees and an interview targeting employees with the cooperation of major manufacturing companies Asahi Kasei Electronics Co., Ltd. and Pioneer Corporation A survey was also conducted.

 As a result of the survey, in the survey of behavioral characteristics common to active middle and senior employees, "meaning work", "try first", "make use of learning", "engage with people", "do well with younger people" The five characteristics of "" = "jumping movement" emerged.

 Furthermore, in a large-scale quantitative survey of 300 Internet monitors working for large-scale companies with 2,300 or more employees, we classified the types of middle-senior employees based on the implementation of "Dream Progress".
・ "High performer type" whose overall dynamics are significantly higher than the average
・ "Balance type" where the overall dynamic movement is slightly higher than the average
・ "Slow growth type" where the overall dynamic progress is lower than the average
・ Although the overall dynamic progress is low, the behavior of "doing well with younger people" exceeds the average.
・ "Inactive type" with a fairly low overall dynamism
Nearly half of the middle-senior employees who are active in the organization where the percentage of those who practice "jumping movement" is higher than the average were 49.3%.

 In addition, the factors that influence the promotion of "dynamic progress" of middle-aged and senior employees who are sluggish are not the advancement within the organization but the work itself, and the feeling of growth and social contribution in the work is felt. I also learned that it is necessary to acquire the ability to run on its own.

Reference: [Parsol Research Institute Co., Ltd.] Hosei University Graduate School Ishiyama Laboratory x Parsol Research Institute "Project to explore breakthroughs from the middle"

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