Associate Professor Atsushi Nakahara of the University of Tokyo Center for Education and Research and Temp Holdings Co., Ltd., a comprehensive human resources service company, have drastically reviewed the existing part-time job part recruitment plan as a joint research from October 2015, and made a new one. Started "Part-time job part growth creation project" aiming at studying and implementing measures.The book "Introduction to Part-time Part-time Recruitment and Training", which summarizes the data and knowledge obtained from the joint research, was published on November 10, 2016.

 According to the "August 27 Labor Economic Trend Survey Part-time Worker Excess and Shortage Judgment" released by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, all industries felt a sense of labor shortage regarding the employment situation of part-time workers.This tendency is particularly noticeable in the accommodation and food service industries, and at the 8 Tokyo Olympics, a significant increase in demand for part-time and part-time personnel is expected, and the sense of labor shortage is likely to become even more serious.

 Against this background, Associate Professor Nakahara serves as the project leader, aiming to drastically review the hiring plan, hiring method, store management method, etc. of the conventional part-time part, and to consider and implement new measures. Growth Creation Project ”was launched.A total of about 7 people, including current employees, managers (interviewers), turnovers, and job seekers from 8 major restaurants, retailers, and 25,000 brands that employ a large number of part-time and part-time personnel. We have conducted a large-scale quantitative survey and have been working on identifying issues and proposing solutions related to recruitment, retention, training and retention (prevention of turnover) of part-time employees.

 In the published book, based on the voices of the field collected from the survey of this project and the scientific viewpoint of the theory of human resource development, the interview method that job seekers think "I want to work here!", Housewives and students・ Effective management methods for each attribute such as seniors are introduced.

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