At Reitaku University, in view of the current social situation such as the reissue of the state of emergency due to the influence of the new coronavirus, 2021 general selection general February A and B schedules, general selection university admission common test use I admission Announced that the procedure deadline will be extended.

 The deadline for admission procedures has been changed from "February 2th (Friday)" to "February 12th (Thursday) * Postmark is valid".The admission fee, school payment, and admission procedure documents will be changed.


 The target entrance examination categories are general selection general February A schedule, B schedule and general selection university admission common test use I period.The target faculties are the Faculty of International Studies, the Faculty of Foreign Languages, and the Faculty of Economics.

Reference: [Reitaku University] [Important] Notice of change in admission procedure deadline for general selection at Reitaku University in 2021

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