From April 2021, Musashino University will renew the university-wide liberal arts education program and start a new university-wide basic course "Musashino INITIAL".

 Since 2010, Musashino University has been implementing the university-wide liberal arts education program "Musashino BASIS".The renewed "Musashino INITIAL" will be developed assuming 2050, when current students will play an active role in the core of society.Strengthen the current program with "AI / programming / data science" and "SDGs" as compulsory subjects for all students regardless of humanities.Develop the ability to ask questions, collect and analyze information, and propose optimal answers.

 In "Musashino INITIAL", "AI-for-ALL" is set up in AI education, and all students regardless of humanities and sciences learn the basics of AI utilization and data science as compulsory subjects in the first year.By fusing the main major and AI, we will develop human resources who can create new ideas and new value.An "AI utilization expert" will also be prepared as a minor, and a certificate of completion will be given to students who have completed the designated subjects (1 credits in total) in the Musashino INITIAL subject at the time of graduation.

 In addition, for subjects related to SDGs, 4 credits are compulsory, and the themes of 17 goals (169 targets) of SDGs are developed by utilizing the expertise of teachers. The SDGs' philosophy of "no one is left behind" is in line with Musashino University's founding spirit and the brand statement of "making the world's happiness a reality." By learning about the "SDGs," students Recognize the social issues that are transformed by the Corona disaster, and acquire an attitude of independent learning and practice.

Reference: [Musashino University] Musashino INITIAL

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