We are now accepting applications for the "U-22 Programming Contest 22" (sponsored by the U-2015 Programming Contest Executive Committee) to determine the best programmers under the age of 22.Applications will be accepted until August 8th.After the preliminary screening and the first screening, the final screening will be held in Akihabara, Tokyo in October, and the excellent works will be decided.

The recruited work is an original computer program created by himself, which enables learning / education, games, security, programming languages, etc. to be executed.Limited to unpublished or published works after September 2014.To apply, in addition to the program file set and the program execution video, it is necessary to fill in the list of support software required for the application form and the outline of the work. Scored on three evaluation points of "product", "technology", and "idea", and the excellent work was awarded the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award, the Commerce Information Policy Bureau Director's Award, the CSAJ (Computer Software Association) Chairman's Award, and the Sponsor Company Award. increase.In addition, benefits such as recommendations for the information-technology promotion agency's unexplored IT human resources discovery and training business and internship participation rights of sponsor companies are also available.

The U-22 Programming Contest was started in 1980 by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to discover and develop human resources who have excellent talents and develop software with abundant ideas. From 2014, the number of applicants will be increased from 20 years old or younger to 22 years old or younger, and the organizer will replace the U-22 Programming Contest Executive Committee.

Source:[U-22 Programming Contest Executive Committee] U-22 Programming Contest 2015

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