List of articles on research results

``Fisherman's eyes'' that tell male and female hairy crabs apart from their shells Accurately and quickly realized through deep learning of images

 A joint research group from Tokyo University of Science, Kanazawa University, and Kanagawa University used deep learning to determine whether a crab is male or female based on images of its shell […]

The length of primary cilia of fibroblasts fluctuates over 24 hours; may also be involved in the difference in healing speed between day and night

 A group led by Assistant Professor Ryota Nakazato and Professor Koji Ikegami of Hiroshima University discovered that the length of "primary cilia" growing on cells expands and contracts in a 24-hour cycle [...]

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University and JTB to collaborate on global human resource development and educational program development

 Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU) and JTB Corporation will contribute to regional development, academic research, and […]

The selection rate for Japan Society for the Promotion of Science research fellows is higher for men than for women, suggesting the existence of unconscious bias

 Daisuke Kyogoku, a research fellow at the Hyogo Museum of Nature and Humanity, and Wada from the University of Miyazaki found out that the selection rate for Japan Society for the Promotion of Science research fellows is higher for men than for women.

Elucidating the brain-damaged region where the thermal grill illusion becomes hypersensitive Kio University

 Research by Soichiro Matsuda, a doctoral student at Kio University Graduate School, and Associate Professor Michihiro Osumi, has revealed that the hypersensitivity of the thermal grill illusion is caused by damage to the lateral thalamus […]

Approximately 11 years of observational research reveals that the key to preventing the onset of dementia is ``awareness of enjoying life'' Juntendo University

 The joint research group (multipurpose cohort study*) led by Associate Professor Ai Noda and Chief Professor Takeshi Tanigawa of Juntendo University Graduate School of Medicine's Department of Public Health is approximately 1 […]

Decreased employee performance, lack of sleep being the biggest impact University of Tsukuba

 A research group led by Professor Aya Takeda of the University of Tsukuba's Department of Physical Education investigated the relationship between work performance and lifestyle habits of corporate employees and found that sleep […]

Succeeded in chemically synthesizing sugar that can be eaten by living things. Advantages include high speed, low environmental impact, and on-site production.

 A joint research group between Osaka University and the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology is the first in the world to succeed in building a catalytic process for chemically synthesizing bioavailable sugars […]

High school student inquiry and information contest held at Shizuoka University; Excellence Award given to Hiroo Gakuen High School

 The Shizuoka University Faculty of Informatics held an inquiry and information contest for high school students at the Shizuoka University Hamamatsu Campus in Johoku, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu City.Hiroo Gakuen High School (Minato-ku, Tokyo) […]

Nagoya University discovers that natural ingredients extracted from eggplant stems inhibit the growth of cervical cancer cells

 A research group at Nagoya University has discovered 9-oxo-octadecadienoic ac, a natural compound found in the calyx of eggplant.
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