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Josai University Commercializes “Golden Kabosu Yokan” Using Local Specialties as a Cross-Faculty Collaborative Project

 Josai University (Sakado City, Saitama Prefecture, President Yozo Fujino), Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Department of Medical Nutrition, Assistant Professor Junta Ito, is an advisor and belongs to a sports nutrition circle.

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Project FY4 COC+R National Symposium

On February 2023, 2 (Saturday), Shinshu University will hold the COC+R National Symposium in FY4, a project of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, in a hybrid format. […]

Showa Women's University Open Symposium "Future Opened by Data Science - Beyond the Literacy Level" Held on Saturday, January 1

 On Saturday, January 2023, 1, from 28:10 to 00:11, Showa Women's University held a public symposium titled "The Future Opened by Data Science - Literacy […]

Self-driving bus of Saitama Institute of Technology, demonstration experiment on public roads in Makuhari Shintoshin area

 Saitama Institute of Technology, Keisei Bus Co., Ltd., Sompo Japan Insurance Co., Ltd., Aisan Technology Co., Ltd., Construction Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd., stock […]

Josai University President Yozo Fujino Receives International Structural Engineering Society 2022 International Achievement Award

 Yozo Fujino, President of Josai University and Josai Junior College (Sakado City, Saitama Prefecture), is the 2022 International Society for Structural Engineering (IABSE = Internation […]

Jissen Joshi Gakuen concludes a collaboration and cooperation agreement with Mukogawa Gakuin for the first time as an educational corporation

 On December 2022, 12, Jissen Joshi Gakuen and Mukogawa Gakuin will deepen their cooperation and cooperation at Mukogawa Women's University in Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture […]

Chronic low back pain sufferers have a negative impact on exercise and postural control due to decreased predictive postural control Kio University

 In a study by Yuki Nishi, a visiting researcher at the Neurorehabilitation Research Center of Kio University, and Professor Shu Morioka, chronic low back pain was predicted by kinesiphobia […]

Edogawa University Hosts International Student Bus Tour for the First Time in 3 Years

 On November 2022th, 11, the International Exchange Center of Edogawa University held the "International Student Bus Tour".5 international students and 22 faculty members participated in the thorn […]

A young staff member of Saitama Agata Shinkin Bank visits Saitama Institute of Technology's research seeds to revitalize local industry

 On November 2022, 11, Saitama Agata Shinkin Bank and the Saishin Collaboration Industry-Academia-Government Association, which has signed an industry-academia collaboration agreement with Saitama Institute of Technology, will join Saitama […]

Azabu University starts crowdfunding to investigate periodontal disease bacteria in zoos and aquarium animals

 The research group of Associate Professor Tokuhito Shimazu (Food Physiology Laboratory), Department of Food Life Science, Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences, Azabu University, will start on December 2022, 12 […]
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