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Edogawa University, students from the Department of Mass Communication and Saijo Seminar hold a city walking event “The City Where Japanese Rock and Idols were Born ~ in Hibiya”

 On February 2024, 2, the Noboru Saijo Seminar of the Department of Mass Communication, Faculty of Media Communication, Edogawa University, was planned by students […]

Injured athletes who have difficulty communicating emotions are more prone to maladaptive reactions, Kio University investigates

 Professor Tomonori Tatsumi of Kio University conducted a study on individual differences that affect the emotional regulation behavior of injured athletes, and found that people with a strong tendency to have difficulty communicating emotions […]

Kanazawa Seiryo University's community activity project student group produces a PR video that conveys the charms of Ishikawa Prefecture's public baths and autumn.

 Kanazawa Seiryo University provides assistance to voluntary student organizations that strive to solve local issues and engage in social contribution activities with the goal of ``facing the local community and learning from the local community.''

Nippon Institute of Technology holds interactive art experience event, exhibiting works by students from the Department of Information and Media Engineering and Department of Data Science

 Nippon Institute of Technology's Department of Information and Media Engineering and Department of Data Science will be hosting a children's center in Koshigaya City for two days from December 2023rd to 12th, 23.

Josai International University is planning to establish a "Faculty of Health Sciences (tentative name)" that will encompass nursing, physical therapy, pharmacy, and welfare.

 At Josai International University, we view health, medical care, and welfare as a single team, and provide cross-disciplinary education. From April 2025, […]

Kanazawa Seiryo University holds “International Student Cultural Experience Week” International students experience tea ceremony

 Kanazawa Seiryo University will hold "International Student Cultural Experience Week" on December 2023, 12 as part of international exchange. International students from Taiwan and China […]

Toyo Gakuen University Yashio Seminar holds "Let's watch a movie and take part in a quiz!" organized by students at Tokyo Dome City

 The ``Marketing and Media Research Seminar'' (Professor Keiko Yashio) of the Faculty of Modern Management at Toyo Gakuen University is the ``Tokyo Dome City Attractions […]

Seiwa Junior College will become co-educational Kwansei Gakuin Junior College from April 2024, with Yukari Usui to be the next president

 Seiwa Junior College (Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture) will change its name to Kwansei Gakuin Junior College and become co-educational from 2024. In addition, President Takeo Chiba is 20 […]

Nippon Institute of Technology signs "comprehensive collaboration agreement" with Naraha Town, Fukushima Prefecture

 On January 2024, 1, Nippon Institute of Technology and Naraha Town, Fukushima Prefecture entered into a comprehensive collaboration with the aim of contributing to the revitalization of the local community and addressing local issues […]

Jissen Joshi Gakuen and Niigata Seiryo Gakuen will collaborate after 124 years thanks to the ties of founder Utako Shimoda

 On January 2024, 1, Jissen Joshi Gakuen, which operates Jissen Women's University, and Niigata Seiryo Gakuen signed an agreement for collaboration and cooperation. Practical women's studies […]
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