Domestic universities begin to face,
What is the wonder that is not just the 18-year-old population decline?

For 30 years, the author has been in contact with more than 200 universities in the form of supporting them from an outside perspective as a consultant.In addition, as a director of universities, junior colleges, vocational schools, and high schools, he has also been responsible for managing higher education institutions from an internal perspective.I would like to describe the current state of university reform and its whereabouts from both internal and external perspectives.

First, I will touch on the impact of changes in the 18-year-old population on universities, and then I will try to predict the impact of external pressures other than vital statistics on universities, and the future of the university.

[1] Impact of 18-year-old population and university enrollment rate on universities

The university market is greatly influenced by the dynamics of the 18-year-old population and the university enrollment rate.First, let's take a look at the changes in the domestic 18-year-old population. (Chart 1)

Changes in the 18-year-old population (Chart 1)

Changes in the 18-year-old population (Chart 1)

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