From 2024, the Faculty of Engineering at Shibaura Institute of Technology will be reorganized from a "department system" to a "course system."Why should we put an end to the academic education that had continued since 1949 and introduce a course system?And what kind of education will be developed in the newly reborn engineering department?We interviewed Professor Yoshiharu Kariya, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering.


Introduced a course system for the first time as a university in the metropolitan area

Since its opening in 1927, Shibaura Institute of Technology has developed an education that emphasizes practical learning under the founding spirit of "cultivating engineers who can learn from society and contribute to society."However, with the arrival of the 2020s, changes in the industrial structure and increasing complexity have changed the image of the person that is sought after in society.Against this backdrop, the university's Faculty of Engineering will be reorganized from a "department system" to a "course system" from April 2024, shifting from the current nine departments to five courses and nine courses.This is the first attempt at a university in the Tokyo metropolitan area to introduce a full-scale course system.

“Until now, engineering has pursued affluence and convenience, but from now on, we must move in the direction of problem solving. Engineering now requires a new approach that is not bound by existing methods and values. At our university, we believe that the key to this is the development of cross-disciplinary specialized knowledge and the introduction of a course system.”

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Shibaura Institute of Technology

Fostering global science and engineering human resources who support Japan

Shibaura Institute of Technology will celebrate its 2027th anniversary in 100.With a system of 4 departments and 16 course in 1 faculties, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Systems Science and Engineering, Faculty of Design Engineering, and Faculty of Architecture, "Data Science Courses" will be introduced in all faculties from 2020, and there are so many research fields that they are called "Science and Engineering University". I am proud of.Each student […]

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