Shibaura Institute of Technology was selected for the Tokyo Women's Advancement Promotion Award, and at the presentation ceremony held at Tokyo Women's Plaza Hall in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Governor Masuzoe handed a certificate of commendation to Masato Murakami, President of Shibaura Institute of Technology. rice field.

 In addition to Shibaura Institute of Technology in the field of education, the Grand Prize was awarded to the DAC Group such as Daily Sports Guide Advertising Company in the industrial field, Musashimurayama Hospital in the medical and welfare field, and Toyoshima Children's WAKUWAKU Network, a specified non-profit organization in the regional field. Four groups and one individual, President Kanae Tsutsumi of Career Mom, who supports women working from home and re-employment individually.At the presentation ceremony, after Governor Masuzoe handed a certificate of commendation to the award-winning group representatives such as President Murakami and the award winners, economic journalist Renge Jibu was the coordinator, and the representatives of the four groups and President Tsutsumi "changed consciousness! Will change! We had a panel discussion entitled "Women's Active Participation in a New Era".

 Among them, President Murakami said, "Diversity is indispensable for learning. We can learn a lot by diversity across men and women and nationalities." Shibaura Institute of Technology's efforts for gender participation are part of its globalization strategy. Emphasize.He expressed his intention to continue to actively appoint female faculty members to increase the diversity of the university and to create a system for female researchers to maintain a balance between their research activities and their own life stages.

 This is the second time for the Women's Advancement Promotion Award.Shibaura Institute of Technology is the only private industrial university to be selected as a research activity support project for female researchers, and it was highly evaluated that the ratio of full-time female faculty members reached 2% in FY2015.

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Shibaura Institute of Technology will celebrate its 2027th anniversary in 100.With a system of 4 departments and 16 course in 1 faculties, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Systems Science and Engineering, Faculty of Design Engineering, and Faculty of Architecture, "Data Science Courses" will be introduced in all faculties from 2020, and there are so many research fields that they are called "Science and Engineering University". I am proud of.Each student […]

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