List of articles of Health Sciences University of Hokkaido

New virus infection "Ezovirus fever" transmitted by ticks discovered in Hokkaido

 A new tick-borne viral infection has been discovered in Hokkaido.Hokkaido University, Sapporo General Hospital, Hokkaido Insititute of Health, National Institute of Infectious Diseases […]

Succeeded in developing artificial RNA that inhibits hair loss signal and suppresses hair loss Chiba Institute of Technology, etc.

 The groups of Chiba Institute of Technology, Advangen Co., Ltd., Health Sciences University of Hokkaido, and Yokohama National University have worked on the factor "FGF5" that induces hair loss […]

Report on establishment of university / school corporation council, new establishment of 5 faculties nationwide

 The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's university establishment / school corporation council has 5 faculties established at universities such as the Faculty of Nursing, Gifu University of Economics, 1 department established at junior colleges, and graduate schools […]

Hokkaido University demonstrates for the first time in the world that there are two biological clocks in the living body

 The research group of Professor Kenichi Honma of Hokkaido University, Professor Sato Honma of the Center for Brain Science Research and Education, and Lecturer Shinya Nishide of Health Sciences University of Hokkaido […]