List of articles by Osaka City University

A characteristic that does not show utilitarian judgment to Japanese students, Osaka City University "trolley problem" research

 Shows utilitarian judgments to Japanese students in the "trolley problem" asking whether the decision to sacrifice one life to save many lives is morally correct […]

Population increase due to corona disaster in Osaka metropolitan area Survey by Osaka City University

 While the corona disaster causes a temporary population decline in many metropolitan areas such as the Tokyo area, the population of the Osaka area is increasing, such as Wakayama City in Wakayama Prefecture and Takarazuka City in Hyogo Prefecture […]

Elucidation of about half of newborn diseases of unknown cause by genome analysis

 Research teams such as Keio University, Osaka Women's and Children's Medical Center, Tokyo Metropolitan Children's Medical Center, Osaka City University, National Center for Child Health and Development […]

Alzheimer's disease preventive nasal spray combination is safe and effective, demonstrated by Osaka City University

 A research group led by Professor Takami Tomiyama of Osaka City University graduate school said that when rifampicin and resveratrol were used in combination nasally, rif […]

Osaka City University Holds Commemorative Lecture by Akutagawa Prize-winning Writer Ken Kaitaka as "Last Toy Chidai Project" on December 12th

 Osaka City University will hold a lecture to commemorate the 2021th anniversary of the birth of Akutagawa Prize-winning author Ken Kaitaka, a graduate from 12:18 on Saturday, December 14, 90 […]

Fermented soybean product "Imbalance" suppresses airway inflammation caused by asthma Osaka City University

 A group from Osaka City University confirmed in an animal model that the fermented soybean product "Imbalance" has the effect of suppressing airway inflammation in asthma […]

4% of para-athletes find it difficult to achieve their ideal diet on their own Osaka City University reveals in a survey

 4% of para-athletes who participate in international sports competitions for the disabled and have athletic ability at the national polity level can realize their ideal diet on their own […]

Osaka City University elucidates the neural mechanism that improves academic performance with a sense of accomplishment and ability

 The research group of Takashi Matsuo, a graduate student of Osaka City University, and Satoshi Ishii, is recognized by being given motivational information […].

Night lights in the city interfere with insect hibernation, discovered by Setsunan University and Osaka City University

 Assistant Professor Ayumu Mukai of Setsunan University Faculty of Science and Technology, Graduate School of Science, Osaka City University […]

Osaka Prefecture requests the implementation of online classes as a measure against the new corona

 In April 2021, the number of people infected with the new coronavirus increased explosively due to the epidemic of the British mutant strain, and Osaka Prefecture became a university in the prefecture […].
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