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Showa University and National Institute for Physiological Sciences elucidate the molecular mechanism behind the burning pain felt during inflammation

 Lecturer Yasunori Takayama of Showa University, Professor Makoto Tominaga of the National Institute for Physiological Sciences, National Institutes of Natural Sciences, and others have investigated the burning pain felt during inflammation (inflammatory pain) […]

Showa University confirms HPV vaccine prevents cervical cancer in generation with high vaccination rate

 A research group led by Lecturer Mamiko Onuki and Professor Koji Matsumoto of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Showa University School of Medicine has developed a human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine […]

Showa University starts joint research and development through industry-academia-finance collaboration to improve the accuracy of ultrasound diagnostic imaging

 As part of the "Industry-Academia-Finance Collaboration Program" signed with Jonan Shinkin Bank, Showa University has partnered with Eiji Miyake, a lecturer in the Faculty of Health Sciences, and Yu Ogawa Co., Ltd. […]

Ripening mites at cheese factories in Germany and France

 A joint research team from Hosei University, Showa University, and Kyoto University of Advanced Science has used cheese mites from three production areas, Germany and France, to ripen cheese […]

The second example through Twitter The discovery of a new species of tick is chained from a post by Professor Shimano of Hosei University

 A second new species of tick was discovered from a general user's Twitter post.Professor Tomoyuki Shimano of Hosei University and Tobias-Pu of the joint research team […]

Next-generation new drug that dramatically prevents septic death, demonstrated with model animals Kurume University and Showa University

 Assistant Professor Yoshinori Koga and Associate Professor Takanori Matsui of Kurume University School of Medicine have collaborated with Professor Shoichi Yamagishi of Showa University School of Medicine to collaborate with model animal septicemia […]

Showa University introduces "Comprehensive Selection Entrance Examination" at Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, and Faculty of Health and Medical Care Applications are accepted from 9/1

 Showa University has 202 […] in the Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, and Faculty of Health Sciences in order to discover highly motivated human resources who will be responsible for future medical care from a new perspective.

Tama Art University, Tokyo Midtown Exhibition "Medical Techniques and Art" until July 7th

 Tama Art University is at Tama Art University TUB in Tokyo Midtown, with the cooperation of Showa University, by the Department of Textile Design, Tama Art University […]

Showa University adds national language to entrance examination electives from 2021

 Showa University will add a national language to the elective courses from the entrance examination in 2021 and abolish the application on paper and switch to the Internet application […]

Developed by Okayama University, etc., a strong instant adhesive for biological soft tissues using titanium

 The research group of Professor Takuya Matsumoto of Okayama University, in collaboration with Showa University, Osaka University, and Yanagishita Giken Co., Ltd., is the first in the world to use metallic titanium […].
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