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Tohoku University develops new technology to land multiple drones in succession under strong winds

 Tohoku University's Tough Cyber-Physical AI Center has developed a new technology that allows multiple drones to land in quick succession under strong winds. Draw […]

Tohoku University expands family care leave and leave system to support work-family balance

 Starting in April, Tohoku University expanded its nursing care leave and leave system for faculty and staff. It is the only university in Japan that has been selected as a candidate for certification as an International Excellence Research University […]

World's first successful transplantation of a hybrid oxygenator lung made from mouse lungs regenerated with human cells Tohoku University

 A research team from Tohoku University and the University of Toronto created a hybrid bioartificial product by removing cells from mouse lungs and culturing and colonizing human cells within them.

Tohoku University and Nippon Koei develop technology to instantly predict urban building damage after an earthquake

 The joint research team of Tohoku University's International Research Institute of Disaster Science and Nippon Koei Co., Ltd. received support from research partner Research Institute for Geosciences Co., Ltd. […]

Tohoku University develops new technology that allows you to walk around in an infinite VR space while staying in a small room

 The ``Room Scale VR'' experience allows you to explore a virtual reality (VR) space by actually walking, making you feel as if you are entering the world.

Takara Belmont Mimosa Award: Two female researchers from Tohoku University and Kyushu University selected

 Takara Belmont, a manufacturer of beauty equipment and cosmetics, has been awarded the Tohoku University Graduate School of Life Science for the Takara Belmont Mimosa Award, which started in 2023.

Tohoku University, University of Tokyo, and Menicon begin joint research on new contact lens materials

 Tohoku University, the University of Tokyo, and major contact lens manufacturer Menicon are collaborating to develop and distribute new materials for next-generation contact lenses […]

Tohoku University verifies unexpectedly large gap between medical image diagnosis AI and medical findings

 A research group led by Assistant Professor Soh Yibun of Tohoku University Graduate School is focusing on areas of interest for deep learning models that have achieved high performance in previous research, and medical […]

A special lecture will be held in Tokyo on March 3th (Sunday) to introduce the appeal of Tohoku University's Faculty of Engineering.

 Tohoku University's Faculty of Engineering will hold a special lecture for high school students in Tokyo on March 3th (Sunday) in order to let young people in the metropolitan area know about the appeal of the department.

Carbon station development project proposed by Tokyo Metropolitan University and others selected for metropolitan projects

 The carbon station development project proposed by Tokyo Metropolitan University, Tohoku University, and the University of Tokyo has been adopted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's business proposal system and will be approved for fiscal 2024 […]
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