Tamagawa University Article List

Tamagawa University and Toyo Media Links co-creation project using thinned wood on campus will be on display until June 6th (Wednesday)

 The Management Control Laboratory of the Department of Management Science, Faculty of Engineering, Tamagawa University has entered into an industry-academia collaboration with Toyo Media Links Co., Ltd. […]

Tamagawa University Faculty of Engineering holds "Special Lecture & Workshop to Experience the Fun of Digital Manufacturing" as a high school-university collaboration project

 On March 2024, 3, the Faculty of Engineering of Tamagawa University, which is actively promoting collaborative activities to strengthen high school-university collaboration, will conduct an investigation at Tokyo Metropolitan Suginami Technical High School […]

Elucidation of the symptoms and treatment mechanisms of obsessive-compulsive disorder (obsessive-compulsive disorder) using a computational approach

 A joint research group of Nara Institute of Science and Technology and Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International, Inc. is investigating the mechanism of obsessive-compulsive disorder (obsessive-compulsive disorder) […]

Elucidation of internal structural changes of queen ants who raise their children independently in their nests, such as Tamagawa University

 In many ants, the queen must lay eggs alone in the nest and raise workers (worker ants) during the creation of new colonies. […]

Tamagawa University invites incumbent members of the Diet to hold a symposium "What do you appeal to young people for the upcoming House of Representatives election !?" 7/14

 On Wednesday, July 2021, 7, Tamagawa University invited four incumbent members of the Diet for first-year students of Tamagawa University and 14th and 1th grade students of Tamagawa Gakuen. […]

Tamagawa University and Kobe University elucidate that exercise experience up to 12 years old enhances cognitive function in later years

 Professor Tetsuya Matsuda of the Institute of Brain Science, Tamagawa University, Assistant Professor Nobu Ishihara of the Graduate School of Kobe University, and others have experienced exercise in their childhood to maintain and improve cognitive function in later years […]

Tamagawa University and Kobe University elucidate the functions of the brain involved in the relationship between physical function and cognitive function

 A group from Tamagawa University Brain Science Institute and Kobe University clarified the function of the brain involved in the relationship that "high physical function and high cognitive function" […]

Okayama University, a group of genes that control pretending to be dead, was the first in the world to discover

A research group led by Professor Takahisa Miyatake of Okayama University has collaborated with Tokyo University of Agriculture and Tamagawa University to search for genes that control "length of imitation of death" […].

Tamagawa University Japan's first 9-story wooden student dormitory to be completed in 2022 

 Tamagawa University Tamagawa Gakuen has started a project to build a 9-story middle-high-rise pure wooden student dormitory on the university grounds in Machida, Tokyo.

Concluded a partnership agreement with Tokyo City University and Tamagawa University for academic research, etc.

 Tokyo City University and Tamagawa University have signed an agreement to collaborate in fields such as academic research and exchange of students and faculty members.Various concrete efforts in the future […]
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