On March 2024, 3, the Faculty of Engineering of Tamagawa University, which is actively promoting collaborative activities to strengthen high school-university collaboration, collaborated with Tokyo Metropolitan Suginami Technical High School in an inquiry learning project to "Experience the fun of digital manufacturing. A special lecture and workshop was held.

 The special lecture and workshop was held by Kazuya Heisha, a lecturer from the Department of Design Science, Faculty of Engineering, and third-year students from the Heisha seminar, targeting 3 second-year students from the Mechanical Department at Suginami Technical High School, as the first initiative to promote high school-university collaboration. did.

 In the morning, we introduced facilities related to the Faculty of Engineering on campus. They toured the solar car workshop and robotics lab, where university students conduct research while participating in various content and competitions, as well as research and development projects being carried out in collaboration and co-creation with other faculties. In addition, lecturer Kazuya Heisha gave a lecture on the theme of ``Tips for manufacturing as a team!'' including the mindset for PBL, the importance of rapid prototyping, and the strength of teamwork.

 In the afternoon, a workshop will be held on the ``Maker's Floor,'' a state-of-the-art Fab Lab equipped with many digital machines such as 3D printers. With the theme of ``Let's make things that can be used in high school life super fast!'', teams of 4 to 5 people formed teams and used their own ideas to design and create things that could be used in high school life. The high school students used 3DCAD for the first time and worked on prototyping using a laser processing machine and 3D printer using acrylic sheets as material. Three third-year students from the Heisha seminar participated in the role of teachers, and directly taught high school students how to use 3D CAD, drawing on the specialized knowledge and skills they had acquired through their daily classes, laboratories, and seminars.

 The Department of Design Science, which was in charge of supporting high school students this time, will be newly established in 2023 with the concept of acquiring "design ability" that can respond to diversifying issues through manufacturing, and will include "product design," "robot design," He specializes in three areas: "Environmental Design," and is working to develop leaders who can identify and solve technical problems from a variety of perspectives, with a focus on manufacturing that emphasizes on-site experience.

 The participating high school students will be working on group research projects over the course of a year in their third-year classes starting in the new academic year, and this special lecture and workshop will be used as an introduction to that, and will help them enjoy the joy of making things. It was an opportunity to find out.

 Professor Yamazaki, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, said, ``The Tamagawa University Faculty of Engineering is equipped with advanced and unique facilities.In addition to the education and research of our students, as a comprehensive university, we are able to collaborate with other faculties within the university, including the Faculty of Agriculture and the Faculty of Arts. "We are working on collaborative education and projects," he said, indicating a policy of continuing to actively promote high school-university collaboration and responding to requests from high schools by making use of the university's knowledge and facilities.

reference:Tamagawa University Faculty of Engineering

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