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Appropriate judgment of urgency of telephone interview, University of Tsukuba creates machine learning model

 A research team led by Professor Nanako Tamiya and Associate Professor Ryuta Iguchi of the University of Tsukuba School of Medicine is an emergency home visit service in which a doctor goes to the patient's home to examine […]

Cancer patients want to know the prognosis of physical function rather than the remaining time University of Tsukuba

 For cancer patients, information about their own prognosis is extremely important information that influences treatment policies and various decision-making.Until now […]

University of Tsukuba Develops Wearable Robot That Relieves Human Pain and Fear

 A research group led by Associate Professor Fumihide Tanaka of the University of Tsukuba is the first to demonstrate the effects of a wearable robot that can alleviate pain and fear during development […]

University of Tsukuba and others analyze the mental symptoms of the diamond princess quarantined

 At the start of the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the disaster medical team provided mental and […]

University of Tsukuba to issue university bonds, the third such issue following the University of Tokyo and Osaka University

 The University of Tsukuba will soon issue a university bond called the “University of Tsukuba Social Value Creation Bond.”The amount is 200 billion yen, the redemption period is 40 years, and it is built in Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture […]

Long-term care costs per elderly person, regional disparity is up to four times, University of Tsukuba analysis

 According to an analysis by Professor Nanako Tamiya of the University of Tsukuba Faculty of Medicine, the regional disparity in long-term care costs per elderly person increased by up to four times in 1 […]

Professor Yanagisawa of University of Tsukuba wins US Breakthrough Prize for sleep research

 The International Integrative Sleep Medicine of the University of Tsukuba, which conducts sleep research, was selected for the Life Science Division of the Breakthrough Award, an international scientific award founded by the founders of Google in the United States.

University of Tsukuba Scientifically Elucidates Common Tips for Soccer Kick Techniques

 A research group led by Professor Masao Nakayama of the University of Tsukuba has scientifically analyzed the kicking motion of soccer, and has been able to develop many techniques that have been treated as individual techniques […]

Nara Women's University discovered a substance that prevents the invasion of Argentine ants and fire ants from native Japanese ants

 A joint research team* from Nara Women's University, etc. has severely repelled invasive ants such as Argentine ants and fire ants, as if they had met a mighty enemy […]

What's happening in the brain when provoked and overly aggressive

 Male Mau […] so that humans feel frustrated and aggressive when they are maliciously directed by others or receive some kind of provocation (social provocation).
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