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In April 2023, Japan's first "Beauty & Wellness Professional College" will open with the theme of beauty and health!

Miss Paris Academy, which operates Miss Paris Beauty College and Miss Paris Esthetic College, will launch “Beauty & […]

Tohoku University verifies that menthol relieves suffocation and extends running time

 A research team led by Professor Nagatomi of the Graduate School of Tohoku University found that drinking L-menthol during high-intensity running exercise alleviates suffocation during exercise […]

Squats while swinging weights improve the activity of lower limbs and trunk muscles

 A research group led by Specially Appointed Professor Koji Murofushi of Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Professor Kazuyoshi Yanagishita, and Professor Tsuneharu Kanaoka of Waseda University proposed the "Han […]

University of Tsukuba Scientifically Elucidates Common Tips for Soccer Kick Techniques

 A research group led by Professor Masao Nakayama of the University of Tsukuba has scientifically analyzed the kicking motion of soccer, and has been able to develop many techniques that have been treated as individual techniques […]

The decision to host the Tokyo Olympics will not affect the rate of sports participation

 The Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee cites the improvement of the nation's sports implementation rate as a legacy of hosting the Olympics, but the decision to hold the Olympics is the nation's implementation of sports […]

Corona infection risk of voice support, increased by urethane mask

 The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology has conducted a risk assessment of how much voice support at sporting events infects the new coronavirus […]

Pressure supporters do not promote recovery of muscle strength after exercise, analyzed by Tohoku University etc.

 The international research group * of Tohoku University Graduate School of Medical Engineering, Specially Appointed Assistant Professor Negishi Yanosh, Professor Ryoichi Nagatomi, etc. is in training or training […]

Effective for improving attitude and competitiveness to solve stress

 When actions that try to solve the causes of psychological stress such as relationships within the team promote the growth of the team and individuals and lead to improvement of competitiveness […]

Ritsumeikan University opens Sports Health Science Research Institute on Biwako / Kusatsu Campus

 Ritsumeikan University aims to create social symbiotic value through interdisciplinary co-creation in the fields of sports, health, and welfare, April 2022, 4, Shiga […]

Miyazaki University's online course "World Baseball Circumstances", 20 times in total, scheduled to start in 2022

 The online course "World Baseball Circumstances" that Miyazaki University has been offering for about a year since April 2021 has ended.Baseball […] around the world
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