List of sports articles

Reasons why high school boys quit their athletic clubs midway through a follow-up survey conducted by Nippon Sport Science University and Meiji Yasuda Welfare Corporation

 Nippon Sport Science University and the Meiji Yasuda Welfare Foundation, a public interest incorporated foundation, announced the results of a joint study on exercise and sports activities among adolescents.

The Sasakawa Sports Foundation holds a free seminar titled "Who Supports Children's Sports?" ] Held, the second theme is female manager and mother

 At the Sasakawa Sports Foundation, on September 2023, 9 (Wednesday), a seminar by Ms. Megumi Seki, a lecturer in the Department of Sociology, Faculty of Letters, Konan University, entitled "Women's Manet" and […]

Bring back the “Summer Koshien 3 years ago” that was canceled due to the corona sickness Collect 1000 former high school baseball players to hold the tournament on November 11

 Musashino University Entrepreneurship Faculty (Musashino EMC) 3rd year student Yuto Otake is the founder of “Regain that summer National former high school ball […]

Shizuoka Sangyo University and Hamamatsu Medical School conclude an educational research exchange agreement

 On December 2022, 12, Shizuoka Sangyo University and Hamamatsu Medical College concluded an educational research exchange agreement.Education and research exchange between universities and vocational schools […]

Learning Support for Osaka University Soccer Club and Gamba Osaka Junior Youth Students

 Based on the friendship agreement that Osaka University has signed with Gamba Osaka, a soccer team, we will start learning support for Gamba Osaka Academy students. […]

Anti-slip agent used by baseball pitchers, Tohoku University, etc. demonstrate effectiveness

 Professor Ken Yamaguchi of the Graduate School of Engineering, Tohoku University, Senior Researcher Daiki Nasu of NTT Communication Science Laboratories, Canadian Rehabilitation […]

In April 2023, Japan's first "Beauty & Wellness Professional College" will open with the theme of beauty and health!

Miss Paris Academy, which operates Miss Paris Beauty College and Miss Paris Esthetic College, will launch “Beauty & […]

Tohoku University verifies that menthol relieves suffocation and extends running time

 A research team led by Professor Nagatomi of the Graduate School of Tohoku University found that drinking L-menthol during high-intensity running exercise alleviates suffocation during exercise […]

Squats while swinging weights improve the activity of lower limbs and trunk muscles

 A research group led by Specially Appointed Professor Koji Murofushi of Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Professor Kazuyoshi Yanagishita, and Professor Tsuneharu Kanaoka of Waseda University proposed the "Han […]

University of Tsukuba Scientifically Elucidates Common Tips for Soccer Kick Techniques

 A research group led by Professor Masao Nakayama of the University of Tsukuba has scientifically analyzed the kicking motion of soccer, and has been able to develop many techniques that have been treated as individual techniques […]
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