On December 2022, 12, Shizuoka Sangyo University and Hamamatsu Medical College concluded an educational research exchange agreement.This is the first educational research exchange agreement between a university and a vocational school in Shizuoka Prefecture.Both are focusing on the development of human resources in the field of sports with education as the pillar, and through collaboration and exchange, develop specialists with more scientific and practical abilities, and contribute to the promotion of sports and health promotion in the local community. We aim to produce human resources.

 Through this agreement, the two schools will promote cooperative relationships in education and academic research, provide more fulfilling educational activities and environments, and expand qualifications.Develop a wide range of human resources involved in sports, such as athletes, sports instructors, athletic trainers, educators, and researchers, and cultivate working adults with high skills who contribute to the promotion of sports and local communities.

 Specifically, students enrolled at Shizuoka Sangyo University will be able to study at the athletic trainer department of the Hamamatsu Medical College and aim to acquire athletic trainer qualifications.Athletic trainers, in close cooperation with sports doctors and coaches, provide (XNUMX) injury and injury prevention during sports activities, (XNUMX) conditioning and reconditioning, (XNUMX) safety and health management, and (XNUMX) training until handing over to medically qualified personnel. Respond to emergencies, ensure the safety and security of athletes, and support recovery and improvement of performance.

 In addition, we will conduct educational exchanges such as lectures, seminars, practical skills, and practical training, conduct joint research in specialized fields, and conduct training exchanges for students and teachers.

Reference: [Shizuoka Sangyo University] Concluded an "Educational Research Exchange Agreement" with Hamamatsu Medical School 

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