Waseda University and ASICS (Kobe City, President Motoi Oyama), a sports equipment manufacturer, have signed a basic agreement on organizational collaboration aimed at contributing to education, industry, and the international community through sports promotion.

 According to Waseda University, the agreement will be for five years from March 3st.By actively promoting activities that lead to regional and international exchanges and cultural dissemination, we aim to contribute to the region and society and improve the value of our product brand.At the signing ceremony held at Waseda University's Okuma Auditorium in Tokyo, Yoichi Shimada, Vice President of Waseda University, gave an overview of the agreement, and then Kaoru Kamata, President of Waseda University, and President Oyama of ASICS signed the agreement.After that, a talk session was held by the directors of each physical education department such as the tennis club, the race club, and the soccer club.

 President Kamada said, "We would like to further contribute to the development of university sports by collaborating with ASICS, a global sports equipment manufacturer." President Oyama said, "From now on, we will cooperate in research and development and human resource development that will lead the future, and the sports world. I want to contribute to the whole. "

 Waseda University and ASICS have decided that the development of university sports will lead to the promotion of the entire Japanese sports world, and will focus on developing human resources and improving competitiveness through sports.In addition to strengthening efforts between ASICS and Waseda University's sports departments such as soccer, baseball, and rugby, ASICS will manufacture and sell Waseda University school emblems, sportswear with marks, and shoes.

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