Waseda University started a "practical" industry-academia-government collaborative education project in earnest in August 2018.Unlike ordinary internships, it is characterized by being able to propose solutions to management issues from the student's perspective.

 Waseda University's "practical" industry-academia-government collaborative education project "Professionals Workshop Project", commonly known as "ProPro", started in 2007.Students from various faculties (and graduate schools) and grades form a team to work on problems that companies actually have, mainly during the summer holidays.Under the guidance and supervision of professionals (workers), we will derive concrete proposals for problem solving through problem extraction, analysis, fieldwork, and group work, and make proposals to top management in the final report.Unlike regular work experience internships, there are merits for both companies and students, and a total of 73 companies, local governments and organizations and more than 950 students have participated so far.

 There are 2018 affiliated companies and local governments in 7."ASICS Japan Co., Ltd." where new ways of getting involved in university sports are issues, "ANA Soken Co., Ltd." which proposes inbound strategies for Oita City, "Sogo Seibu Co., Ltd." which thinks about department stores 10 years from now, the power of the Internet Workshops will be held in which a variety of issues are set for each company, such as "Yahoo Japan Corporation", which considers a mechanism to expand the chances of encounters.

Reference: [Waseda University] Professionals Workshop

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