Umemura Gakuen (Chairman Kiyohiro Umemura, Nagoya City), which manages Chukyo University and Miechukyo University, has signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement with Tokai Tokyo Financial Holdings (President, Tateaki Ishida, Tokyo), a securities holding company.

 According to Chukyo University, the agreement aims to promote community development full of sports culture with a view to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.In the future, both parties will jointly work on education, research, culture, sports promotion and human resource development.

 As the first step, the Tokai Tokyo Athletes Training Scholarship, a benefit-type scholarship for athletes donated by the company, will be provided to four Chukyo University students from FY1.The subjects are students of the swimming club, athletics club, and skating club of the Chukyo University Athletic Association, and one student in each grade will be paid a total of four students in the amount equivalent to the tuition fee.
The scholarship students will be selected by a joint committee consisting of the officers of both parties, but it is assumed that the scholarship students will participate in the All Japan Championship or play an active role in the same way.It is rare for individual companies to cooperate with school corporations to provide benefit-type scholarships nationwide.

 When two employees participated in the Olympics, Tokai Tokyo Financial Holdings decided to donate because the company was more excited than expected, considering the contribution to the local community where Tokai Tokyo Securities, which is under its umbrella, is located.

 President Ishida, who had a press conference at Chukyo University in Showa-ku, Nagoya, said, "I would like to support promising players from this area," and President Umemura said, "A groundbreaking initiative that opens up opportunities for players."

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