A joint research group of the National Institute for Materials Science, Tokyo Metropolitan University, and NBC Mesh Tech Co., Ltd. has developed a new catalyst that detoxifies harmful carbon monoxide (CO) at room temperature.

 Air purifiers are already widely used in applications such as odor control and removal of harmful substances, but conventional air purifier filters do not have an effective catalyst for removing CO at room temperature, so they can remove CO components. It was difficult.Although it was reported in 1984 by Professor Emeritus Haruta and a visiting professor at Tokyo Metropolitan University that nanoparticulate gold oxidizes CO at room temperature, gold nanoparticles are very easy to aggregate and are the original ones. There was a problem that the catalytic activity could not be exhibited.

 Therefore, this joint group has developed a new hybrid catalyst in which a gold nanoparticles catalyst is held in an iron oxide nanoporous material. By uniformly dispersing gold nanoparticles in a nanoporous material with a very high specific surface area of ​​about 200 square meters per gram and suppressing aggregation, it has a high CO removal capacity of 8.41 molCO / gAu per hour at room temperature. Was realized.Furthermore, it was confirmed that this catalyst can maintain the initial 20% catalytic activity for a long period of time.As a result, the CO removal capacity is more than five times that of commercially available catalysts.

 Starting with discussions on smoke separation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the development of catalysts that detoxify CO for smoking rooms has become an urgent issue.It is expected that the use of the technology of this research will lead to the development of an air purifier filter that is excellent in both economic and environmental aspects.

Paper information:[Chemical Communications] Room temperature carbon monoxide oxide based on two-dimensional gold-loaded mesoporous iron oxide nanoflakes

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