List of articles on lithium-ion batteries

A Josai University student created a video to raise awareness about separating waste such as lithium-ion batteries at the request of a local government.

 Josai University Faculty of Business Administration created an enlightenment video about sorting garbage such as lithium-ion batteries used in smartphones and electric shavers […]

Tohoku University succeeds in manufacturing room temperature 3D printing of pseudo-solid lithium-ion battery

 A group at the Institute of Multidisciplinary Materials Science, Tohoku University has succeeded in developing a technology for easily manufacturing 3D prints of solid-state lithium-ion batteries at room temperature in a short time […]

The University of Tokyo succeeds in developing a long-life high-voltage lithium-ion battery by adopting a "dense" electrolyte

 The stable operation of the ultra-5V lithium-ion battery, which far exceeds the operating upper limit voltage of the conventional lithium-ion battery, at the practical level of the University of Tokyo […]

Development of ultra-low energy consumption ternary recording memory element inspired by all-solid-state lithium battery

 A joint research group of Tokyo Institute of Technology and the University of Tokyo applied an all-solid-state lithium battery to a memo featuring ultra-low energy consumption and multi-value recording […]

The University of Tokyo President's Special Award, First Winners Determined

 On November 2019, 11, the University of Tokyo told Mr. Koichi Mizushima, Executive Fellow of Toshiba Corporate R & D Center, Inc., the first "The University of Tokyo […]

Nobel Prize in Chemistry Award Professor Akira Yoshino Innovation Trajectory-Let's capture signals from the future-

On October 2019, 10, Dr. Akira Yoshino, Honorary Fellow of Asahi Kasei, will be awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.Richi created by Professor Yoshino […]

The world's first visualization of lithium ion distribution during charging and discharging in next-generation batteries Toward practical use of high-performance batteries

 Nagoya University, Panasonic Corporation and Japan Fine Ceramics Center jointly charge and discharge all-solid-state lithium-ion batteries to positive electrode […]

The University of Tokyo and Kyoto University to realize a long-life battery that "never ignites"

 The research group of Professor Atsuo Yamada of the University of Tokyo and others has a fire extinguishing function through joint research with Kyoto University and the National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) […]

Thermoelectromotive force is determined by the thermal expansion of the material, discovery of promising electrode materials University of Tsukuba

 Professor Hiroshi Moritomo's research group at the Center for Interdisciplinary Materials Science, University of Tsukuba is a low-cost battery material, a cobalt-purchamp blue analog (Li […]].

High performance batteries with waste, capacity maintenance even after 800 charge / discharge Tohoku University and Osaka University

 Research group of Associate Professor Hirotomo Nishihara, Professor Takashi Kyotani, Associate Professor Taketoshi Matsumoto, Professor Mitsuru Kobayashi, Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research, Tohoku University […]
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