List of parents' articles

A national survey of high school students who have increased conversations due to the corona disaster, and the involvement of parents, "just right" over 7% recruitment, etc.

 A joint survey by Recruit and the National High School PTA Association found that conversations between high school students and their parents were increasing due to the corona sickness.high school student […]

Supporting students' eating habits, Tokyo Keizai University resumes 100 yen breakfast

 Tokyo Keizai University resumed offering 6 yen breakfast from June 28, following the cancellation of the state of emergency.Tokyo organized by parents of current students […]

In cooperation with the Chiba University of Commerce Parents' Association, 10 free school cafeteria tickets will be distributed to all students.

 Chiba University of Commerce cooperates with the "Chiba University of Commerce Education Supporters Association", a group of parents of current students, and about 2021 students are all in line with the start of classes in 6,500 […]

Chuo University holds "Campus Life Experience" online for parents

 At the Chuo University Parents Liaison Committee, every year, parents of current students are invited to the campus to see and experience the campus where the students spend their time.

2 respondents National University Cooperatives' "New Student Survey Asking Parents", trends in 2020

 The National University Co-op Association (National University Co-op Federation) has been targeting parents of new students every April and May since 2007, "Ask parents [...]