Since 2007, the National University Co-op Association (National University Co-op Federation) has been conducting a "new student survey to ask parents" for parents of new students every April and May.This time, we received responses from 4 parents of new students (undergraduate students) who entered the university in 5.

 Every year, the "New Student Survey Asking Parents" is conducted by the University Cooperatives, along with the parents' awareness of the costs involved from the entrance examination to admission, the troubles from the examination to the entrance, and the anxiety about living a university life. It also evaluates the business.

 According to the survey, the examination fee increased for the second consecutive year in 2018 and 2019, but decreased to 2 yen for the national public examination fee and 2020 yen for the private examination fee in 121,000.On the other hand, the number of faculties taking exams has increased. 145,800% of national and public examinations for 5 or more faculties increased by 25.2 points from 2019, and 5.1% of general examinees also increased by 40.2 points. Before the common test for university admissions from 6.9, it can be seen that the number of faculties to be examined is increasing due to the growing tendency toward active admissions, while the cost is being suppressed by applying for concurrent applications.

 Parents were interested in choosing a university for their children in the order of "university location" (54.9%) and "establisher (national / private)" (47.6%), and "university location" was for home students. 63.1% (46.7% of lodging students), and 71.0% (18.7% of private) are national and public institutions. There was a lot of interest.

 In addition, there is a high level of interest in choosing a university based on the career after graduation. Overall, 45.6% of "university and research content" follow the location and the founder, but "employment record such as employment rate" 50.6 for private schools. % (39.3% overall) and 55.7% (29.1% overall) of "qualifications that can be obtained" for medical and dental medicine. “University brand and image” also showed a growing interest at 30.9% (previous survey 18 years + 9.2 points).

 Excluding 63.5% for "coronavirus response to the new coronavirus", 51.7% of "classes and credits at university" were the most worrisome for children when they started college life, an increase of 2019 points from 13.6. “Human relationships such as friendship” continued at 48.4%, indicating that they are worried about changes in the school environment due to the effects of dealing with the new coronavirus infectious disease.

 The time of this survey was April 2020, 4 (Saitama prefecture, Chiba prefecture, Tokyo Metropolitan area, Kanagawa prefecture, Osaka prefecture, Hyogo prefecture and prefectures other than Fukuoka prefecture, the same month 7). It was issued on Sunday), and the scheduled cancellation date on May 16 was shortened or extended depending on the prefecture.Campus access was banned at most universities, with 5% of entrance ceremonies being canceled or postponed.After the class started, the classes were mainly online classes.

Reference: [National Federation of University Co-ops] Summary report of new student survey to ask parents in 2020

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