The Chuo University Parents Liaison Committee holds a "Campus Life Experience Meeting" every year, inviting parents of current students to the campus to observe and experience the campus where students spend their time. In 2020, it will be held online in consideration of the spread of new coronavirus infection.Content that is open to parents can be viewed as many times as you like during the period from October 2020, 10 to December 29, 12.

 The "Campus Life Experience Meeting" aims to make the parents of current students feel closer to Chuo University.In the usual year, parents were invited from the branches of the Parents Liaison Committee nationwide to come directly to the campus, but in 2020, it will be held online in consideration of the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

 The contents will be reported by the Secretariat of the Parents Liaison Committee on the status of the first semester online lessons, the response to the second semester lessons, the current state of the campus, etc. Content such as campus tours are available.Regarding scholarships, we will introduce the scholarship system (benefit / loan) that can be used by Chuo University students, as well as scholarships aimed at financial support due to sudden changes in household finances and the new system for study support by the government. I will explain in detail.

 To participate in the "Campus Life Experience", you need to apply using the pre-registration form.After registration, the URL of the special page for the online campus life experience meeting will be sent.

* The Chuo University Parents Liaison Committee was established in 1983 with the aim of becoming a permanent organization for exchanging information between parents and the university.Initially, it was a voluntary membership organization, but since the nationwide branching by members has become more active and there has been a growing demand from inside and outside the university to enhance the parent liaison committee, all parents of undergraduate students will join. Became.Parents of current students belong to one of 1988 regional branches nationwide depending on their place of residence.The activities of each branch are run by members, and it is also a place for parents to exchange information and get to know each other.

Reference: [Chuo University] Campus Life Experience Meeting

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