Chuo University, LINE Co., Ltd., Mercari Co., Ltd., Cyber ​​Security Countermeasures Headquarters of the Police Agency announced on December 2019, 12, "Cyber ​​Security" with the aim of promoting exchange, cooperation, and cooperation in education and research activities related to cyber security human resource development. Concluded an agreement on industry-government-academia collaboration on human resource development.

 In recent years, in order to realize Society 5.0 * advocated by the government, it is necessary not only to utilize the latest science and technology such as AI technology and communication technology that handle big data, but also to improve the literacy of human resources who handle it.In addition, in the recent criminal situation, it is difficult to separate cyberspace from crimes such as information leakage cases and unauthorized access cases due to cyber attacks, welfare crimes, special fraud, etc., and the Metropolitan Police Department has knowledge and skills of cyber security. There is an urgent need to develop human resources who have been successful.

 Therefore, in promoting the development of such cyber security human resources, the strengths of "public" are the knowledge of criminal investigation and criminal situation, the strength of "academic" is the knowledge of academic research, and the strength of "industry". By bringing together knowledge about information and communication technology and literacy education, we have reached the conclusion of this agreement with the aim of demonstrating a synergistic effect on human resource development and improving our ability to respond to cyber security threats.

 Under the agreement, industry, government, and academia will work together to provide "mutual support for the development and improvement of education and research," "mutual exchange between students, faculty, staff, and employees," "support that contributes to human resource development and career development," and "social cooperation in the field of cyber security." , Social contribution ”was promised.As the first step of the initiative, based on the fact that the services provided by both LINE and Mercari are often used by young people, we will first work on cyber security education for young people through industry-government-academia collaboration.In the future, we will also aim to develop human resources who will play a central role in cyber security.

 Chuo University, which has signed the agreement, will establish a new Faculty of International Informatics in Ichigaya, Shinjuku-ku in April 2019. In addition to working on the development of human resources with literacy dealing with AI technology, communication technology, and data science throughout the university, the Faculty of Law will move to Bunkyo Ward in 4 to promote the training of professional human resources centered on legal profession. I will do it.

* Society 5.0 is a new future society realized by incorporating innovative technologies such as AI, IoT, robots, and big data into all industries and societies.

Reference: [LINE Co., Ltd.] LINE, Mercari, Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, and Chuo University conclude an agreement for industry-government-academia collaboration cyber security human resource development

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