Hoshi University and the National Cancer Center have signed a comprehensive partnership agreement to promote collaboration in education, research and medical activities.In addition to training researchers and pharmacists who support cancer medicine and research, we will also collaborate in the development of new drugs.

 According to the National Cancer Center, Hoshi University will introduce a collaborative graduate system that accepts pharmacists from the National Cancer Center as graduate students so that doctoral degrees can be obtained smoothly.Young, mid-career researchers, doctors, and pharmacists from the National Cancer Center will also serve as faculty members at Hoshi University and gain academic experience.

 Students at Hoshi University not only receive lectures from cancer research specialists, but also participate in training conducted at the National Cancer Center to cultivate advanced specialized knowledge that cannot be cultivated through ordinary practical training.This is expected to foster human resources who will support advanced medical care.
Furthermore, through joint research and personnel exchanges, we aim to build a career support system for National Cancer Center staff, improve the research skills of Hoshi University faculty members, establish new treatments for cancer, and develop new drugs through clinical research.

 Hoshi University and the National Cancer Center have been conducting a lot of joint research from the perspective of pharmacy, but in order to overcome the super-aging society facing Japan, establishment of new cancer treatment methods and basic research We decided to deepen cooperation more than ever because it is indispensable to train people and pharmacists.

reference:[National Cancer Center] Concluded a comprehensive cooperation agreement with Hoshi University of Medicine

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