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Yamaguchi University discovers that Japanese giant hornets hijack beetle feeding grounds early in the morning

 Wataru Kojima, a lecturer at Yamaguchi University, said that a beetle occupying a sawtooth sap field at night was thrown down by a giant hornet early in the morning and […]

"Kamen Rider BLACK SUN", Assistant Professor Sugahara of Hirosaki University for production cooperation

 "Kamen Rider BLACK SUN", produced in collaboration with Assistant Professor Ryohei Sugahara of the Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Hirosaki University, will be distributed on Amazon Prime Video.

International research groups such as RIKEN and Waseda University develop ultra-thin organic solar cell mounting "cyborg insect"

 Kenjiro Fukuda, a full-time researcher at RIKEN Pioneering Research Headquarters, Waseda University, and Nanyang Technological University of Singapore, an international joint research group, are working on optical energy […]

Kyushu University Insect Center Signs Partnership Agreement with Kama City to Collaborate on Insect Business

 The Insect Science and New Industry Creation Research Center attached to the Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyushu University signed a partnership agreement with Kama City, Fukuoka Prefecture.Kyushu University Industry-Academia-Public-Private Collaboration Center […]

The jaggedness of the petals of the white egret flower is supported by the hawk moth that carries pollen, and is elucidated by Kobe University and others.

 Research groups at Kobe University Graduate School, Himeji Tegarayama Greenhouse Botanical Garden, and Osaka Museum of Natural History characterize wild orchid flowers of Sagisou […]

Elucidation of internal structural changes of queen ants who raise their children independently in their nests, such as Tamagawa University

 In many ants, the queen must lay eggs alone in the nest and raise workers (worker ants) during the creation of new colonies. […]

Highly efficient and simple insect genome editing method by adult injection, developed by Kyoto University, etc.

 A research group led by Professor Takaaki Daimon of Kyoto University has overcome the shortcomings of conventional methods through international joint research with the Institute of Evolutionary Biology in Spain. […]

Ecology: The negative effects of agriculture and climate change on insect biodiversity

Ecology: Negative impacts of agriculture and climate change […]

Zoology: The secret of a small beetle flying at high speed

Zoology: Secrets of a miniature beetle's speedy flight […]

"Mantis Snow Forecast" is wrong Hirosaki University Professor Emeritus Kiichi Ando publishes research results

 Professor Emeritus Kiichi Ando of Hirosaki University scientifically proved that the mantis' snow prediction was wrong. "SCIENCE WATCH Learn from Mantis […]
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