Article list of treatment methods

Tohoku University develops innovative technology to dramatically repair large bone defects and replace autologous bone transplantation

 A group led by Professor Shinji Kamakura of the Graduate School of Medical Engineering, Tohoku University, created a large bone defect by adding a therapeutic agent for osteoporosis when implanting biomaterials […].

AGA remedies are highly effective against congenital hypotrichosis and trichoderma Nagoya University and Fujita Medical University

 According to a study by Nagoya University and Fujita Medical University, male pattern baldness […] for congenital alopecia and curly hair, which is born with a small amount of hair and becomes curly.

Hamsters are useful as an infection model for new coronavirus infections The University of Tokyo

 A research group at the University of Tokyo found that hamsters are useful as infection model animals for the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) […]

"Intestine → liver → brain → intestine" correlation via vagus nerve maintains intestinal homeostasis

 Keio University […] that the liver integrates information on intestinal bacteria and transmits it to the brain, and that the production of intestinal regulatory T cells is regulated through the vagal reflex.

New corona combined with Fusan and Avigan, clinical research by The University of Tokyo Hospital

 The University of Tokyo Hospital has been infected with the new coronavirus and treated patients with pneumonia with the acute pancreatitis drug "Fusan" and the new influenza […]

The University of Tokyo confirms the possibility of blocking new coronavirus infection as a therapeutic drug for pancreatitis

 In the research group of Professor Junichiro Inoue of the University of Tokyo, "Nafamostat" (trade name: Fusan), a therapeutic drug for acute pancreatitis, is a new type of coronawi […].

New treatment method for male and female alopecia, Tokyo Medical University, etc. confirmed the effect in clinical research

 A research team led by Ryoji Tsuboi, chief professor of Tokyo Medical University, conducted clinical research led by doctors for alopecia and thinning hair in collaboration with Toho University and Shiseido Co., Ltd. […]

Kanazawa University succeeds in identifying human gastric tissue stem cells that are the origin of cancer for the first time in the world

 An international collaborative research team led by Dr. Nicholas Barker of Kanazawa University (Research Professor, Cancer Research Institute) has a damaged stomach […]

Identification of the causative gene of atopic dermatitis caused by mites and discovery of inhibitory molecules University of Tsukuba

 A research group at the University of Tsukuba has identified the causative gene for atopic dermatitis caused by mites.

Will it lead to therapeutic drugs for drug addiction? Nagoya University elucidates new mechanism

 A research group led by Professor Kozo Kaibuchi and Assistant Professor Yasuhiro Funabashi of Nagoya University has been rewarded with dopamine that causes emotions such as "pleasure" and "motivation" […]
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