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Kagoshima University Establishes Engineering Faculty Advanced Research in the “Enterprising Spirit” Support Fund to Support Young Faculty and Graduate Students

 From January 2023, 1, Kagoshima University established the “Kagoshima University Faculty of Engineering Education and Research Support Fund” as a special […]

Investigating the impact of COVID-19 on astronomy research, negative for newcomers and female researchers

 An international research team led by Designated Associate Professor Jia Liu of the University of Tokyo believes that the COVID-19 epidemic is affecting astronomical research […]

Elsevier conducted a global survey of more than 3000 researchers around the world on the impact of COVID-XNUMX on research

 Academic publisher Elsevier conducted the first global survey on the impact of the corona crisis on scientific research, and published the ``Trust in Scientific Research Conf […]

10 domestic universities sign agreement to promote open access papers

 On November 2022, 11, the librarians of 7 domestic universities, including Tohoku University and the University of Tokyo, and Springer Nature, an international academic publishing company, announced the opening of the O […]

Japan's science and technology index, 3rd in the world, is clearly stagnating

 When the National Institute of Science and Technology Policy of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology analyzed the science and technology activities of the world's major countries using objective and quantitative data, Japan was […]

Bachelor thesis is accepting applications for "Undeveloped Social Issues" and "Graduation Thesis Award 2022" that connects academics and society

 Intellectual Property Picture Book Co., Ltd. is a place for graduates and students in 2021 to present their graduation thesis that connects academics and society.

Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology at the Council on Economic and Fiscal Policy

 On December 2021, 12, Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Shinsuke Suematsu reported on recent education and science administration at the Council on Economic and Fiscal Policy held at the Prime Minister's Office, and […]

Nature Award holds a new competition for the development of science communication

 Nature Awards and scholarly publisher Springer Nature are German pharmaceutical companies Merck […]

Corresponding to vulture magazines of late universities, 36% overall, 27% private universities

 About the rampant Internet-only academic journals, which are called predatory journals and publish papers with sloppy screening for the purpose of publication fees, domestic universities […]

Conducted an awareness survey on research integrity among 1100 doctors nationwide Hyogo College of Medicine

 A large-scale research integrity study group of 1,100 doctors conducting clinical research nationwide by Professor Takeshi Morimoto of the Faculty of Medicine, Hyogo College of Medicine […]
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