List of articles on food loss

Temple University and Food Loss Reborn Center help current and international students with food stockpiles

 Temple University, Japan Campus and Food Loss Reborn Center are collaborating to provide students of Temple University, Japan Campus ([…]

Forefront of food security in Africa and Japan

The new coronavirus, which has been prevalent since the end of 2019, not only directly threatens life and health, but also moves people as a measure to prevent the spread of infection […]

Succeeded in composting useful food by recycling leftover food with the power of earthworms Osaka Prefecture University

 One of the has recently been questioned "food loss", there is a residue (leftover food) in school lunches.Lunch residue annually per child, student [...]

The world's first technology for manufacturing materials that are as strong as building materials from waste ingredients Developed by the University of Tokyo

 Kota Machida, a fourth-year undergraduate student at the University of Tokyo (at the time of research) and Associate Professor Yuya Sakai, crushed waste ingredients such as vegetables and fruits after drying, and added an appropriate amount of water […].

"2nd Food Idea Contest" University of Human Arts and Sciences, where 212 works from high school students gather

 At the Department of Health Food Science, University of Human Arts and Sciences, the "2nd Food Idea Contest […]" is soliciting food ideas from high school students.