The "Diplomatic Course", in which Ministry of Foreign Affairs staff go to universities and graduate schools nationwide to give lectures on the latest international affairs and foreign affairs, is gaining popularity.Every year, we continue to encourage students to deepen their understanding of international issues. In fiscal 2015, we held a total of 7 lessons by the beginning of July to help the Japanese government's position on international issues and solve diplomatic issues. The staff in charge explained the initiative.

Yuji Amemiya, Director of the International Legal Affairs Bureau, was dispatched as a lecturer to the lecture at Waseda University on July 7th, and gave a lecture entitled "The Rule of Law in the Sea Japan and the United Nations Treaty on Marine Law".He explained in detail the Government of Japan's policies related to the sea and the contribution of the Government of Japan to the organizations established by the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.Only during the period when China's expansion into the ocean, ignoring China's international public opinion, was a problem in the East China Sea and South China Sea, there were questions from students asking the Japanese government's attitude and way of thinking about the International Maritime Law Treaty, and Mr. Amemiya answered carefully one by one. Was there.
Students who participated said, "I was able to have a concrete image of the application for extension of the continental shelf." "It was good for students studying international law to hear inside information about the government." Came out.
At Nanzan University in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, Kazuya Mori, Planning Officer, Service Trade Office, Economic Affairs Bureau, gave a lecture on FTA (Free Trade Agreement) and EPA (Economic Partnership Agreement).Foreign Press Secretary Osamu Takazono was dispatched to Osaka Jogakuin University in Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, to explain the organization of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the training system after entering the ministry, and the contents of work at diplomatic missions abroad.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Domestic Public Relations Office is always looking for universities that you would like to implement on our website.

Source:[Ministry of Foreign Affairs] Recruitment of universities to hold events to get to know the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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