Chiba University will hold an international seminar "Leadership in Multi-Institutional Collaboration in the Event of a Disaster" on February 2th at the Chiba University Ihana Memorial Hall in Chuo-ku, Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture.In collaboration with Kochi Prefectural University, Hyogo Prefectural University, Tokyo Medical and Dental University, and Japan Red Cross College of Nursing, we invite internationally active leaders as lecturers at a seminar to train global leaders in disaster nursing.

 Lecturers are Associate Professor Tenel Venema of Johns Hopkins University, who is familiar with disaster nursing, Assistant Professor Greg Greenow of Harvard University, who is familiar with humanitarian assistance, and Tsukasa Katsube, an international emergency assistance consultant who specializes in emergency international assistance.On the day of the event, after 3:1 pm, the three speakers will give lectures in order, followed by a panel discussion and a question and answer session.

 Chiba University has started Japan's first joint education program for national, public and private universities, "Disaster Nursing Global Leader Training Program," together with four schools including Kochi Prefectural University.We are working to train global leaders in disaster nursing who can quickly respond to disasters that occur in Japan and overseas and demonstrate international leadership, and we have decided to hold this seminar as part of this.

 Attendance is free.The deadline will be as soon as the capacity reaches 150 people.For applications and inquiries, please contact <043-226-2454>, Department of Joint Disaster Nursing, Graduate School of Nursing, Chiba University.

reference:[Chiba University] Japan's first disaster nursing global leader training program jointly held by five nursing graduate schools 5 International seminar "Leadership in multi-institutional collaboration in the event of a disaster" held by Chiba University (PDF)

Chiba University

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Tokyo Medical and Dental University

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Japan Red Cross College of Nursing

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The Japanese Red Cross College of Nursing advocates the principle of the Red Cross, "Humanity," in the spirit of its founding, and develops nursing professionals with a global perspective and rich humanity who can contribute to the health and happiness of people.Nursing practice and small-group education that emphasizes group work, acquire high practical ability, and in the international community and in the event of a disaster […]

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