"University-Japan Unique Program Using COIL", a project in collaboration with four American universities of Chiba University, will be included in the 4 Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology "Project to Strengthen Global Expansion of Universities-Support for Forming Inter-University Exchanges with the United States, etc." It was adopted.

 The "University Global Expansion Strengthening Project" is a project to support the efforts of Japanese students to study abroad and international education cooperation to accept foreign students in order to strengthen the development of global human resources and the global expansion of university education. In 2018, we will develop a leading international education program with quality assurance such as credit recognition using COIL-type education (= international interactive education method utilizing online) between universities in the United States. Support the university to do.

 Chiba University's "Japan-US Unique Program Using COIL", which was adopted as the "University Global Expansion Project", is a total of 4 programs, 3 programs from each university, in collaboration with 12 universities in the United States. Will be provided to Chiba University.Some of the programs offered include cosmetics, a strong collaboration between the University of Cincinnati and P & G, a local company.Chiba University is also the only national university that offers 12 programs unique to Japan from the Faculty of International Liberal Arts, the Faculty of Nursing, and the Faculty of Horticulture.For example, the Faculty of International Liberal Arts offers classes on classical entertainment such as Noh and Kyogen, the Faculty of Nursing offers disaster nursing, and the Faculty of Gardening offers programs that can only be learned at Chiba University, such as a plant factory.A total of 24 programs will be set up over a five-year period and will continue to be implemented even after the program is completed.

 In addition, Chiba University plans to set up a new graduate school during the project period (under planning) to develop human resources who can create future employment (work), including not only domestic but also foreign students.

Reference: [Chiba University] Collaboration with XNUMX universities in the United States through courses using COIL To develop human resources who can realize new learning and create their own majors (PDF)

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