Developing study abroad and language education business * EF Education First Japan Co., Ltd. (EF)'s research division "EF Study Abroad Research Institute" uses the study abroad business provided by EF on July 2015, 7. We surveyed the male-female ratio of university students studying abroad between Sunday and August 1st.

From the press release

From the press release

 According to the same survey, the number of students studying abroad in the first year of university is 1 times that of boys, but the difference narrows to 2.2 times and 2.0 times as the grade goes up. It turned out to be 1.4: 4.He also announced that while the purpose of studying abroad for university students is to emphasize the experience of overseas culture in the first year of university, it is speculated that the second year of university will shift to "studying abroad for the future."

 Based on the results of the survey, Hiroko Shibuya, the director of the institute, said, "In general, females are more overseas-oriented than males and tend to go abroad. When I focused on it, I found that the difference in the number of students studying abroad between men and women narrows as the grade goes up. It is said that it will start. With the increase in "study abroad for the future" from around the second grade, the difference in the number of study abroad students between men and women will almost disappear in the third grade of university. "

* EF Education First (EF) is one of the world's largest private educational institutions established in Sweden in 1965, and currently has more than 53 business bases and directly managed language schools in more than 500 countries around the world. ..

Source:[EF Study Abroad Research Institute] University students' "study abroad for the future" needs revealed from grade-specific data

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