Kyushu Institute of Technology announced that it will launch an artificial satellite developed by undergraduate students to the International Space Station in 2016.The launched satellite will be released into outer space from the Japanese experimental building "Kibo", and a demonstration experiment will be conducted to develop new technologies for the miniaturization and weight reduction of artificial satellites.

 The artificial satellite is a project jointly developed with Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, and the members are 51 students of the same university and 3 students of Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, totaling 54 people, of which 45 are undergraduate students of the same university. Occupy people.Until now, there have been many cases of artificial satellite development by graduate students nationwide, but cases such as this one led by undergraduate students are rare, and this is the first attempt at Doshisha University.

The artificial satellite named "AOBA-VELOX3" contains the wishes of the students, "I want to grow like green leaves someday even with immature young shoots."It is a rectangular parallelepiped measuring XNUMX cm in length and width and XNUMX cm in height, and is characterized by its ultra-compact weight of about XNUMX kg.In order to reduce the risk of failure due to vibration, we have devised ways to reduce complicated internal wiring as much as possible.

Demonstration experiments in outer space at an altitude of about 400 km will take about 200 days.The contents were verified by experiments in which information is transmitted wirelessly between artificial satellite sensors and integrated circuits, and whether the plasma-based engine developed by Nanyo University of Science and Technology can function even in microsatellite, and was obtained in these experiments. The data will be sent to the laboratory of Kyushu Institute of Technology.

Source: [Kyushu Institute of Technology] It has been decided that the "PPT demonstration satellite AOBA-VELOX-Ⅲ" will be released from JAXA's "Kibo".
[Kyushu Institute of Technology Artificial Satellite Development Project "Aoba"] AOBA press conference was held

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