Kanazawa University held a safety prayer festival on July 2022, 2021 for the construction of the research base "New Industry-Academia Collaborative Research Institute (tentative name)" scheduled to be completed in the fall of 7.In collaboration with Daicel Co., Ltd., we will realize the effective utilization of naturally derived resources such as cellulose that lead to de-oiling (biomass product tree concept).It is one of the largest national universities in terms of facility development for the utilization of private funds (excluding PFI projects) funded by companies, and is the first case at Kanazawa University.

 Kanazawa University and Daicel have been conducting joint research and mutual personnel exchanges centered on the cellulose field for many years, and in July 2018, they signed an "Agreement on Comprehensive Promotion of Industry-Academia Collaboration". In July 7, the joint research course "Leading Science and Technology Joint Research Course" was established in the Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology, and in December 2019, a memorandum of understanding regarding the development of the "New Industry-Academia Collaborative Research Institute (tentative name)" was signed. Was there.

 At a joint meeting on the same day as the Safety Prayer Festival, President Koetsu Yamazaki of Kanazawa University said, "To realize an environmentally-cycle society, we will promote joint research based on cellulose derived from natural resources. Decarbonization at this new base. We would like to promote open innovation together for a society and a plastic-free society. "In addition, Daicel President Yoshimi Ogawa said, "I think Kanazawa is a very suitable place for research and development. At this base, we also collaborate with other machine makers from the perspective of end users, and are involved in industry, industry, academia and academia. I would like to promote the practical application of new materials through collaboration. "

 The "New Industry-Academia Collaborative Research Institute (tentative name)" promotes industry-industry-academia collaboration with many private companies, universities, and research institutes as an open innovation base utilizing biomass under the collaboration of Kanazawa University and Daisel. Aim to form a world-class center for biomass research.With the goal of realizing a new biomass product tree through open innovation based on cellulose derived from natural resources, we are strongly promoting research on fine cellulose and development of manufacturing technology by the cellulose room temperature dissolution method.Aim for social implementation.

Reference: [Kanazawa University] Held a safety prayer festival at the New Industry-Academia Collaborative Research Center

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