From January 2017, 1, the University of Tokyo Center for Education and Research will operate "UTokyo OpenCourseWare x (UTokyo OCW x)", which will make it easier to learn the regular lectures of the University of Tokyo that have been posted on UTokyo OCW. Announced that it will start.

 Since the Massachusetts Institute of Technology announced the OpenCourseWare project (OCW = free publication of lectures and related information provided by the university on the Internet) in 2001, edX and Coursera were established in 2012. The movement of large-scale open online lectures (MOOC = publishing lectures online for free and issuing a certificate to graduates) is spreading worldwide.

 The University of Tokyo also introduced the OCW business in 2005, and since September 2013, it has been the first in Japan to offer 9 courses at Coursera. It is a scale that exceeds the number of people.This "U Tokyo OpenCourseWare x" adopts a new content format called "OCW x".The operation will be started based on the knowledge accumulated in the "Opening of University Knowledge" project.

 The content to be released is a re-edited version of the regular lectures of the University of Tokyo that have been posted on "U Tokyo OCW" and the OCW contents of other universities recommended by the University of Tokyo to make it easier to learn. Based on OCW content, it not only maintains the high quality of the lecture and makes it an easier learning tool regardless of location and time, but also provides short questions (tasks) for learning confirmation. ..By taking this form, we want more people to experience the University of Tokyo and other lectures.

 In the future, the University of Tokyo will invite Professor Gilbert Strang of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to give lectures for 1st and 2nd graders and 3rd and 4th graders.This content will be distributed to multiple universities using the international collaborative lecture system developed by the University of Tokyo Center for Education and Research, and will be distributed to the general public at a later date on "UTokyo OpenCourseWare x".

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