Four students from the Department of Mass Communication, Faculty of Media Communication, Edogawa University are the only ones from Japan to participate in the university student division competition "YOUNG STARS AD COMPETITION 4" of the international advertising award "ADSTARS" held in Busan, South Korea every year. Won the prize.

 "ADSTARS" is one of the famous international advertising competitions such as Cannes Lions (Southern France) and Spikes Asia (Singapore), and is a competition to commend excellent advertising, PR, event planning, etc. of each year.Another major feature is that it holds a competition "YOUNG STARS" for university students from the perspective of education. In 2021, it became an online competition due to the influence of the new coronavirus.

 The challenge this time is to formulate a "campaign idea for achieving carbon neutrality."There are 5 application departments, [FILM], [PRINT], [OUTDOOR], [ONLINE], [CREATIVE SOLUTION], and [PLANNING PAPER], and all projects are written in English.Four third-year students (Mana Awamura, Kento Tsuji, Hina Ebijima, Ryuichi Nakano) belonging to the Inoue Ichiro Seminar (Marketing Communications Research) participated from Edogawa University in the [PLANNING PAPER] category. I applied for.

 From the survey results, the four Inoue seminars noted that the active group, especially 4-18 years old, had low interest in carbon neutrality.Based on JR East's ADTRAIN project, which can turn the entire Yamanote Line vehicle into an advertising train, what will happen to the earth in 39 if global warming continues as it is, "high water level", "endangered animals", "temperature" We have created a plan for the event train "2100 Train" where you can experience and experience the three "height".

 In 2021, a total of 5 works, including a gold award, a silver award, a bronze award, a crystal award (3 works), and a special award (5 works), were announced from all 12 categories, and Edogawa University received the special award.He achieved the feat of being the only award from Japan.

Reference: [Edogawa University] Ichiro Inoue, a seminar student in the media department, won a prize in the university student category of the international advertising award "ADSTARS".

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