On February 2017, 2, the Public University Association submitted a "Statement of Opinion on High School Connection Reform" to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

 "High school connection reform" is a reform promoted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology to integrate high school education, university education, and selection of university enrollees into an integrated system.On the other hand, the Public University Association, which consists of 83 public universities nationwide, has three opinions, such as "Issues related to the academic ability evaluation test (tentative name) for university admission applicants" and "Issues in individual examinations of each university", Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. Informed in writing.

 In the "University Entrance Examination Achievement Evaluation Test (tentative name)", there is a great deal of concern about the introduction of descriptive tests in Japanese, etc. Regarding the need to design a system that can be used for university entrance exams, and the use of qualifications and certification exams in English, we requested that sufficient consideration be given to the diversity of examinees, such as the area of ​​residence, the economic situation of the family, and the learning environment.

 Regarding the "individual examination of each university", it is said that many public university entrance examinations have already introduced descriptive examinations not only in essay examinations but also in subjects such as national language, mathematics, and general problems. "Three elements" = "Knowledge / Skills" "Thinking / Judgment / Expressiveness" "Attitude to independently engage in learning" To further promote reforms to selection in line with the admission policy of each university He also requested that care should be taken not to lead to a new increase in the burden on the university.

 In addition, since the entrance examination reform has a high degree of social interest and has a great impact, it is requested that each university secure sufficient time and develop discussions while paying attention to the necessary resources in order to build a new entrance examination system. , He said that it is important to obtain the understanding and approval of various stakeholders such as examinees and their families for the introduction of multifaceted evaluation based on "three elements of academic ability" and graded grade display.

Reference: [General Incorporated Association Public University Association] Opinions on high school connection reform (PDF)

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