The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology has set up a working group to consider immediate issues after receiving the final report of the Council of Experts on University Entrance Examination Reform.We will consider the implementation policy of the academic ability evaluation test (tentative name) and high school basic academic ability test (tentative name) for those who wish to enter the university, and the formulation of new rules for the reform of the entrance examination for each university.

According to the Ministry of Education, the newly established working group is
■ Preparation for studying academic ability evaluation test for university admission applicants
■ Preparation for studying high school basic academic ability test
■ Discussion on improvement of university entrance examination method
■ Examination within the ministry regarding the new test implementation body
-Four. It consists of 4 to 9 university teachers, high school chiefs, and academic experts.

 The preparatory group for studying the academic ability evaluation test for university admissions will formulate and announce the implementation policy in early 2017, so that the target subjects, the content and scope of the questions in the subjects, the method and timing of the descriptive and English questions, and the grade display , Examine the content of the pretest, the schedule until the official implementation, and the name.
The high school basic academic ability test preparation group grasps the degree of establishment of basic academic ability, examines the method for providing test results, the test implementation method and the ideal system, etc., and formulates and announces the implementation policy at the beginning of 2017 It aims to.

 The discussion group on improving the selection method for university enrollees will consider new rules, surveys, and documents to be submitted regarding the selection of enrollees in order to announce the revision of the selection implementation guidelines in early 2017.The ministry's review group will discuss the implementing bodies of the new test.

reference:[Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology] Examination and promotion system for high school connection reform

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