Kanazawa Seiryo University will hold a financial seminar for the first time on December 2021, 12 with five employees working at Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited Kanazawa Branch and Researcher Yano of Sumitomo Mitsui Trust / Asset Mirai Research Institute remotely from Tokyo. did.

 A total of 50 people from the university and women's junior college department participated in the financial seminar.In the first part, under the theme of "What is finance?", Researcher Yano explained from the basics the role played in the financial society, the future image of finance, and financial operations.The students said, "I was surprised at the breadth of the banking business from the story of challenging different fields, and the image of the financial industry changed drastically.I would like to make sure to collect information by listening to the voices of people who actually work, rather than making judgments based on my own impression of the industry. "The" Positive Impact Finance * "introduced as a bank's approach to the SDGs was very interesting. I was asked the impression.

 In the second part, there was a corner for experiences and questions and answers by four university OGs working at Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Ltd. Kanazawa Branch. It seems that the story of the OG's job hunting experience and the story about the actual work left an impression on me, and the students said, "" 4 or 40 companies participated in internships and briefings, and the companies I was interested in participated multiple times. The story made me keenly aware that the amount of activity in my job hunting was not enough, and it was a good stimulus for my job hunting. "The word" working as a team "impressed me.I think that dealing with customers as a team while consulting with an experienced and reliable boss is an important factor in working with peace of mind. I was asked the impression.

* Positive impact finance comprehensively analyzes and evaluates the impacts (positive and negative impacts) of corporate activities on the economy, society, and environment, and sets goals for mitigating negative impacts and expanding positive impacts. Financing efforts that emphasize continuous engagement to achieve this after setting

Reference: [Kanazawa Seiryo University] "Financial Seminar" will be held for the first time to hear the voices of OGs working in finance!

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