From September 2015st (Tuesday) to 9nd (Wednesday), 1, students from Toyo Gakuen University (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo) held a "Cold Sweat / English Experience Program" to teach calligraphy to foreigners.With the cooperation of the inn "Sawanoya (Taito-ku, Tokyo)", which is located in downtown Tokyo and is popular with foreigners, we provide a calligraphy experience to foreign guests staying at the inn.The purpose is to motivate students who are not good at English to learn a language through on-the-job training in English, and to develop the ability to respond naturally to an ever-increasing number of foreign tourists.Furthermore, through such international exchanges, students will turn their experiences of small successes and setbacks into self-confidence, and ultimately aim to produce human resources that will contribute to the revitalization of Japan's inbound market.

The background to this program was that Professor Keiko Omura (Faculty of Business Administration), who has been involved in English education for many years, is declining the student's deep-rooted belief that "it must be perfect English". And problematic. "When entering university, students have already completed all the English learning in the 6 years of junior high school and high school, but they are not very good at it, and some students learn more advanced and complicated English on their desks. I even have a sense of resistance to it. "Therefore, Professor Omura collaborated with Kayoko Honjo, a full-time lecturer (faculty of the same department) who has a long business experience and specializes in marketing, and while searching for a way to make the most of the English knowledge learned in middle and high school, the inn "Sawanoya" With the cooperation of ", we have reached the trial of this program.Foreign tourists who have experienced calligraphy have praised it, saying, "It was a good opportunity for Japanese university students to experience real Japan."

The next event will be held from September 2015th (Wednesday) to 9th (Thursday), 16 (17: 20-30: 22) at the same inn "Sawanoya".In the future, the Faculty will continue to take on various challenges, such as promoting the acceptance of foreign tourists for the 00 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

Source:[Toyo Gakuen University] A university student who is not good at English teaches calligraphy to foreign tourists, and develops a "cold sweat / English experience program". (PDF)

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