Kobe Gakuin University (Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture) and ANA Business Solutions Co., Ltd. (Headquarters, Minato-ku, Tokyo) conclude an educational cooperation agreement. On August 2015, 8, the signing ceremony was held at the University's Port Island Campus, and President Toyoki Okada and President Junichiro Miyagawa signed the agreement.With the signing of the agreement, the university will host an on-campus course for students aiming for the airline industry from September 26, 2015, and will have a hands-on experience of passenger service at ANA Kobe Airport in October. Started the program "ANA Airlines School On-Campus Course".This is the second time that the company has a university-like agreement in Kansai, following Kansai Gaidai University, and the first in Hyogo prefecture.

 According to Associate Professor Yasunori Nishina of the Faculty, there are many students aiming for the airline industry in the Faculty, which opened this spring, and 4% of the students aspire to the English course. ANA Airlines School is a school instructed by an active cabin attendant and opened in Tokyo in 2013.Last year we opened an Osaka school.According to the company, about half of the 80 first-year students at the Tokyo school last year passed the cabin attendant, and also passed the service industry such as airport ground staff, hotels, and bridal.

 At the signing ceremony of the agreement, the company's president Miyagawa said, "We want to develop human resources who can find issues and overcome hurdles by themselves and who want to work together with the ANA Group. The ANA Group will expand its routes. We would like to secure excellent people who support the network and support highly conscious students as much as possible, "said President Okada of the same university," I look forward to developing students with a spirit of hospitality. I'm doing it. "

Source:[Kobe Gakuin University] Concluded an educational cooperation agreement with ANA Business Solutions

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